TENGA Vacuum Controller



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The TENGA Vacuum Controller allows you to manipulate vacuum pressure inside TENGA CUP Series items through a simple button-press!

This simple item will allow you to experience suction while simultaneously providing stimulation!

While there have been electric pumps in the past, none have allowed you to experience pleasure at the same time quite like the Vacuum Controller attachment for the Original Vacuum CUP Series!

The Vacuum Controller houses a powerful Diaphragm Motor, which can be switched ON and OFF for incredible suction. There is also a Release Valve to release the built-up vacuum pressure. By using both of these buttons, the user can control the vacuum
pressure to meet his exact preference for an exhilarating suction experience!


7.3″ x 7.1″ x 4.3″

185mm x 180mm x 110mm

4x AAA Batteries