TENGA Reusable Vacuum Cup VC Regular



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Following the breakthrough launch of the TENGA AIR-TECH and the global launch of the Vacuum Controller comes the AIR-TECH Vacuum Controller Compatible (VC)!

The brand new AIR-TECH is compatible with TENGA’s new Vacuum Controller, and is also designed to provide a supreme suction sensation even on its own! This is made possible due to the new internal structure and sleeve-holder-band!

Now users with the Vacuum Controller can enjoy a reusable item, and even those without, won’t miss out on great sensations!

The Reusable Vacuum CUP VC comes with a sponge to stop lubricant leakage and a band to hold the sleeve in place during strong suction with the TENGA Vacuum Controller.

With an all-new internal structure, the Reusable Vacuum CUP VC allows superior suction compared to other AIR-TECHs, even without a Vacuum Controller!

The Vacuum Controller is not included!


2.7″ x 2.7″ x 6.55″

69.1mm × 69.1mm × 166.4mm

None Required