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Extreme Masturbation Lube

Extreme masturbation requires the right lube. Whether you are a girl or a boy. Listen up.

You may think that you only need lubricant if you suffer with vaginal dryness or that it’s only for use during sexual intercourse. Well, we can clear that up right away, that is just not the case. You may not have considered this yet (although if you’re an escort you probably have already) but using lubricant during masturbation can really heighten the whole experience and make it much easier to reach orgasm.

There are lots of different lubes available. Here we will take a look at some of the more popular extreme masturbation lubes.

Silicon Lubes Offer Perfect All Round Play

Silicone lube is amazing to use for any type of wet play (bath or shower masturbation sessions). Be warned though that it is VERY slippery, so use sparingly being careful not to get any on the surfaces that you may need to stand on as you could slip and hurt yourself!

Silicone lube is also great for when you are just using your hand or fingers, as it’s so smooth and slippery and lasts for ages without drying up.

Bear in mind though, that silicone lubes should never be used with silicone toys.

Waterbased Lubes for Extreme Masturbation

Waterbased lubes are perfect for use with silicone toys or any type of toys (For girls- clit stimulators, anal toys, dildo’s or vibrators and for guys- masturbators, cock rings and anal toys) as they are really light and wet.

Now if you want to spice things up by adding different sensations, why not try using a heating or tingling lube during masturbation. These can be a perfect essential for kinky BDSM or fetish play too. By simply adding this type of lube, you can create a completely different experience.

Men Get Masturbating

If you are masturbating a man I would definitely recommend Gun Oil products. They have a waterbased lube, a silicone lube, a hybrid lube (which is a mix of the two) and two types of masturbation creams for men. With any one of these products you can give your man the ultimate hand job that he definitely wont forget!

Women Get Masturbating

If you’re masturbating a woman then the Pink range is brilliant and comes in very pretty feminine packaging. They are also available in waterbased, silicone, hybrid, warming, as well as a special toy lubricant which won’t drip all over the place.

I’m also a big fan of ID Lubes and they have such a huge selection to pick from, including all the fun and fruity juicy lube pumps – perfect for oral sex.

So, for an all over better masturbation experience, get lubed up. Next time you visit your local escort, think about asking her about the lubes too.