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Best Ball Gags Are Bondage Kit Essentials

Best ball gags are available over here at UK Adult Zone but let’s take a closer look at what makes a good ball gag. When we think of bondage and BDSM we usually think of rope, handcuffs, and deliciously sexy hitting implements. Gagging – in my...

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2017 Sex Toys

2017 Sex Toys Trends Uncovered

2017 sex toys trends are all about the tech. When it comes to getting a buzz from your personal play,  there's an app for that! From robots to bluetooth to drones, the tech sex industry is on fire. Let's take a look at some exciting 2017...

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No sex please, I’m tired!

Whether it’s your career, your kids or both that’sgetting in the way of you feeling sexy, don’t despair – you really can have it all! The key is time management. So you’re prepared for that important meeting, you know what day the kid’s need their PE...

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When You Are Feeling Lonely

When you are feeling lonely, life can often seem to get on top of you. There are plenty of things you could do but feeling lonely can really bring some people down. What can you do? Sometimes a little self indulgence can be the trick. You don’t...

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8 Quotes About Sex and Masturbation

“Sex is like snow, you never know how many inches you’re going to get or how long it will last.” With a pleasure product you know exactly how many inches you are getting, and how long it will last is completely down to you. “Don’t knock masturbation – it’s...

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Extreme Masturbation Lube

Extreme masturbation requires the right lube. Whether you are a girl or a boy. Listen up. You may think that you only need lubricant if you suffer with vaginal dryness or that it’s only for use during sexual intercourse. Well, we can clear that up right...

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